segunda-feira, fevereiro 20, 2006

Wim Wenders

Pictures from the Surface of the Earth

The "Picture Haiku's":

Wim Wenders, Street Front In Butte, Montana, (s.d.?)

Early morning,
not a soul on the streets of Butte, Montana.
It was as if I had walked into my favorite painting
of Edward Hopper:
"Early Sunday Morning", painted in 1930.
It was Sunday, indeed.


Wim Wenders, Lounge Painting # 1, Gila Bend, Arizona, (s.d.?)

It took me hours to find somebody
who could open up the lobby
of the old "Stout's" hotel on Main Street in Gila Bend.
It had been closed for years already.
That painting over the Coke machine haunts me ever since.
It's the dream version
of the perfect beginning
of a road movie.


Wim Wenders, Used Book Store In Butte, Montana, (s.d.?)

I was somehow reminded of Truffaut's "Fahrenheit 461"
on my Sunday morning stroll through Butte.
In Bradbury's science fiction novel
"used books" would have been a contradiction in terms,
and would only have been available
in stores like this one.


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2 comentários:

merlinprincesse disse...

Wow! I didn't know Wim W. was such a complete artist. I remember I liked very much this road-movie, Paris,Texas. I like his poetic images. And the photo with the Coke machine.... Love it! Thanks for the link!

soledade disse...

Espantoso! Parecem pinturas de Hoper.
Olá, gota d'água, perde-se, se não se vai vindo aqui.