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Nanotechnology Art Gallery

Ghim Wei Ho, Nano cups

Ghim Wei Ho, Nano rings

Ghim Wei Ho, Nano trees

«All images are 3-dimensional Si composite nanostructures, taken with a scanning electron microscope, by Ghim Wei Ho. Images color modified using the color balance function in Adobe Photoshop. Courtesy of and © Copyright Ghim Wei Ho and Prof Mark Welland.»

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Robert Steinberg, self assembling vase

«The "vase" was created using a technique called evaporation induced self-assembly. The one on the left was created by pouring a colloid/wetting agent on a surface. After the surface dried (about 20 hours), water was poured on the surface to remove excess pigment (middle figure). The middle figure suggested a vase. And the final image shows how easily it was shaped into a vase on a potters wheel. (see Nature materials July 2003 issue.)»

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